My Dance with Madman

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Tales by a British journalist about his life with a controversial Indian mystic

by Anand Subhuti

Anand Subhuti is a former political reporter who worked in the Houses of Parliament. For the past 35 years he has been a disciple of Osho and lived in his communes.

From a review by Aneesha Dillon:

"Reading the latest sannyasin contribution to Osho's legacy, My Dance With a Madman by Subhuti, was a pure delight for me. I never tire of hearing stories from "the old days" about Osho, Pune One, and the Ranch, and Subhuti's book brought back a host of memories that I had forgotten, as well as stories and facts that I never knew about. His book is presented as a series of nearly 60 vignettes, which paint a rich picture of what it was like for him to live, day after day and year after year, in Osho's miraculous presence. [...] Subhuti describes precious moments during meetings with seekers in darshan when Osho exercised His profound ingenuity as an enlightened Master, working personally with many thousands of individuals over many years, tirelessly, creatively, and with compassion, to wake people up from their deep sleep and stubborn unconsciousness."

Softcover second edition

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