Awakening from the Dream 4-CD set

The BARDO meditation "AWAKENING FROM THE DREAM" is designed to incorporate a lifetime of spiritual practice into the moments of transition we call death. It helps us chart a path through the states of consciousness as they are experienced after death.

The intention in creating this meditation is to evoke courage, resolution, understanding of our transition in dying, and in this way a conscious, graceful death.

It is also an opportunity for the listener, wherever he/she may be on the continuum of life, to relax and feel supported in understanding that being alive is a precious gift that provides the unique choice of preparing for a conscious death, by living a conscious life, and the possibility that our transition can really become the peak of a lifetime, the conscious "returning home" to our real nature, our essence, which has never been separate from the whole.

The text reminds the listener to constantly recognize that all phenomena are projections of one’s own mind. In this way it attempts to liberate the listener from clinging to old desires and beliefs of separation, which cause fear and self-protection.

This encourages the meditator to merge into their original nature.

BARDO is a process of soft hypnosis, guiding the listener into an altered state of consciousness,
and onward through the transitional stages of BARDO.

 Four-CD set


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