Swami Divyam Pragit
November 23, 1948 – May 29, 2006

Swami Divyam Pragit died on May 29 from an aneurysm, in a hospital near Osho Leela in Dorset, England.

Pragit spent most of his years as a sannyasin in the Humaniversity, Holland. He went there in 1981, became a Humaniversity Therapist, and worked in all the different departments. In 1999 he moved to Osho Leela, and soon became a director there. He was the senior therapist, and over the years he took care of finances, the Humaniversity Training, and general community welfare.

In his final hours in the hospital he was happy, and joking, and talking of making a commitment to going to the gym every day, and he was still busy with the daily affairs of Osho Leela. After his death, he looked very peaceful.

Over 100 friends and family came together on Wednesday, June 7, to celebrate Pragit’s life and join in a death ceremony. It was a beautiful and moving day of love, gratitude, and ecstatic dance.

Pragit’s ashes were scattered at Leela and at the Humaniversity in Holland. Simultaneously, there were ceremonies at several Osho centers worldwide, including the Resort in Pune.

A Pragit Celebration Weekend was held at Osho Leela from June 9 to 11, to celebrate his amazing life and all that he gave. There were Osho meditations, an AUM meditation, dancing, and celebrating, and other therapists and friends came over to speak and lend a hand. This was an opportunity to both celebrate his life and grieve his passing.


Swami Prem Deben
December 27, 1942 – June 7, 2006

Swami Prem Deben left his body on June 7, in Washington, DC. The cause of his death was pneumonia, which he had battled for the past six months. During these months he had been in and out of the hospital. At the time of his death, he was surrounded by loving family and friends. He is survived by his daughter and his grandson who was in his care.

Deben took sannyas in Washington in 1976 and was the co-founder and longtime leader of the Devadeep Meditation Center there. He spent time in Pune and at the Ranch, and scores of people came to Osho through him. For over 25 years he had a private practice in Washington, working with natural ways to bring individuals to their best health. He was very well known and much loved, both in the sannyas and general community.
A celebration of his life was held on July 30.

www.premdeben.net/2005/about.htm; purndc@aol.com

Swami Pathik

Swami Sarito wrote from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala that Swami Pathik from Chiapas, Mexico, died on May 17 in Guatemala City, after undergoing surgery for stomach cancer.

Pathik was 45 years old and a talented sculptor. He created large stained-glass windows, lamps, and other artifacts with a technique he called vitromache: broken glass and china set in a mixture of cement and glue. He had learned this technique in Italy and later took it to the commune in Pune Two, where he stayed for seven years.

He was part of the sannyas community of Lake Atitlan for ten years, and he taught his craft to many budding artists.